Metaphors and Acupressure


Presented by the Complementary Health department of CCM.

For almost the entire evolution of the human race we have communicated by sharing stories. Within these stories we find metaphoric elements. Stories or metaphors shape how we learn, communicate and discover new ways of looking at life.

Through verbal stories that hold symbolic representations, we are able to form new magical associations from ordinary common elements and this changes how we view ourselves and our past experiences. We often get drawn to the mirror of the story as it reflects our own experiences.

A great metaphor weaves its magic and indicates an outcome that allows us to view our own experiences in a new novel way.

Many of us experience unique events in our lives, however most of these are re-occurring stories that other have experienced from the beginning of time.


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The Mac 1 course explores these stories, by looking into and covering some of the most fundamental stress patterns that we have experienced and often hold onto.
It introduces metaphors that we can share with our clients so they can create new associations, a new understanding of what they are trying to let go of in their journeys. Once they understand that their pain is not so unique it is easier to let go.

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